Q: What was the prompt again? A: You can find the prompt┬áhere.   Q: How many people can compete on one team? A: You can have up to four people on a team. ┬áThe prizes are given to each individual teammate so you have nothing to lose from having a fuller team!   Q: Can […]

Prompt Update

In addition to the prompt given out on Monday, we now have the following addition: You notice that there has been a sudden increase in drone failures. Upon further inspection you realize that people have been using your drones for skeet shooting! In your final presentation you must address a solution to civilians using firearms […]

Prompt Description

2016 Software Design Competition Hosted by The Association for Computing Machinery Drone Delivery Design With product delivery becoming ever more competitive and manned vehicles reaching their limits, your company is turning to an automated drone-based system in order to ensure speedy delivery of much-desired products. Required functionality Allow users to view a catalog and purchase […]